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NY-10 Ball (official recognition)

 Material:ABS resin、Triple structure(Made in JPN)

 Number size:5cm

 Weight:230g/Per piece

Price:10,000JPN YEN

Course supplies

 Gate&Pole:There are indoor use and outdoor use.

 Line Tape:There are 5cm wide type(For permanent course)

                   and 12.5cm  wide winding type.


  For outside gate:1,500JPN YEN 1pc

  For inside gate:1,600JPN YEN 1pc

 Gate(For inside&outside):2,400JPN YEN 1pc

 Line Tape(5cm wide):12,000JPN YEN 

 Line Tape(12.5cm wide):13,000JPN YEN

 New Play Top:2,000JPN YEN 1set

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